About Russell

Russell Fry is a loving husband, caring son, dedicated father, and conservative leader. He has spent his adult life championing America First causes and helping elect Republicans throughout the Grand Strand and South Carolina.

A Humble Upbringing

Born in Surfside Beach to Matthew and Sunny Fry, Russell’s parents taught him from an early age that with hard work and a good education, the American Dream is achievable for anybody. He experienced that firsthand as a child—living in a cinderblock home with no heat or air-conditioning—as his parents struggled from paycheck to paycheck, saving when they could and tightening their belts when they had to. Eventually, Russell’s parents opened their own businesses and secured their spot in the middle class.

Self-Reliance and Dedication

Russell is an Eagle Scout and a graduate of Socastee High School. In 2007, Russell graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a minor in business administration. While at Carolina, Russell was active in the student legislature, the College Republicans, and worked for the South Carolina House of Representatives.

Working his own way through law school, Russell continued his formal education at the Charleston School of Law where he served as President of the Student Bar Association, helping the school achieve ABA accreditation, and received the prestigious Civility Award.

Russell knows that the things that mean the most to people are never guaranteed but earned. That’s why he’ll never take your support for granted and is committed to earning your vote.

Steadfast Devotion to Conservative Causes

Russell has spent his adult life championing conservative causes and helping elect Republicans throughout the Grand Strand and South Carolina. But now, as government bureaucrats waste money and encroach on our everyday lives, Russell is worried that the opportunities afforded to past generations are slipping by, making it harder and harder for South Carolinians to prosper. That’s why he wants to serve the people of South Carolina – to promote job creation, improve our crumbling road system, reform education, lessen the tax burden on South Carolinians, and eliminate wasteful spending.

Returning Home

Russell passed the South Carolina Bar and began practicing law along the Grand Strand where he became active in the local Republican Party. In 2012 and 2013 he was elected Vice President and President of the Grand Strand Young Republicans, respectively. In 2013 at age 28, Russell was also elected Executive Committeeman for the Horry County Republican Party and subsequently reelected in 2015.

Russell and his Wife, Bronwen, are members of Socastee United Methodist Church and recently welcomed the first child, James, into the world. Russell, Bronwen, and James reside in the South Strand with their chocolate lab, Jasper.

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